The peak efficiency of both the inverter and the battery are just numbers on paper, which are often very far from the real efficiency of the storage system.

For this reason, it is crucial to use a specific energy management system (EMS) able to manage the storage system optimally in real operating conditions.


CalBatt patented and internationally awarded technology allows to realize intelligent EMS really able to implement a perfectly tailored storage management capable of maximizing the battery life and minimizing energy losses.

Experimental tests show that CalBatt technology allows an increase of up to 15% of the real storage efficiency compared to “blind” management strategies implemented by traditional EMS.


Whether they are Lead Acid, Li-Ion or Salt batteries, and whatever the size of the storage system, CalBatt technology allows always to get the best in terms of efficiency and return on investment.


CalBatt technology is smart-grid-ready: it allows the implementation of advanced energy management strategies for a perfect use of storage systems  which interact with the grid, in order to make them really a useful tool for the smart grid revolution.

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