An electric vehicle cannot be considered as a conventional vehicle to be refueled always in the same way.

In fact, there are multiple charging strategies for an electric vehicle, only one of which conjugates in a perfect manner the requirements of the user (especially in terms of charging time) and the minimization of the recharging costs, allowing the battery and the vehicle charger to work at maximum efficiency.

The crucial point is that both the user needs and the operating conditions of the vehicle change every day, and consequently the most convenient charging strategy.


CalBatt patented and internationally awarded technology allows to implement really smart chargers actually able to implement every day a perfectly tailored charging strategy, in order to achieve  the best trade-off between the charging time and efficiency, with a reduction of up to 15% of recharging costs compared with conventional systems, according to experimental tests.


CalBatt technology is:

Horizontal: being suitable to be integrated both in on-board vehicle chargers and in charging stations for electric cars, buses, motorcycles and forklifts for intralogistics;

Ideal for smart fleet management: allowing a really optimal management of fleets of electric vehicles to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the cost of recharging.

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